Autorization device EVE iButton 223

Autorization device EVE iButton 223

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EVE iButton 223 device is mainly dedicated for authorization and access control systems whereload current does not exceed 10 Ampere. State of device (ON/OFF) is changed by touching thedevice with a previously programmed DS1990 Dallas iButton key. By eliminating keyboards and RF transmission a high degree of confidentiality was obtained.

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Product question

The device can work with maximum 223 keys. The key is a metal tablet with diameter of 17 mm and 3 or 5 mm high (depending on the key type: F-3 or F-5). The tablet contains a specialised Integrated Circuit. Each key has it's own unique code assigned. The number of possible combinations is 10 to the power 14.

The device is enclosed in a plastic case and could be placed dozens of meters from the key reader. Its reader is equipped with a LED indicator, which shows the state of the device.

The programmed data of keys and the configuration mode of the device are stored in the EEPROM, so no changes, or even a complete lack of power supply affect the stored data.

Each device comes with four iButton keys 

Technical data:

•Power Supply: 11-15V DC

•Power consumption: 17mA with relay and AUX outputs off.

•Relay output: maximum 10 A

•AUX output: maximum 50 mA

•Anti- sabotage switch

•Working temperature 0-55 °C

•Maximum 223 keys

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