Charging technology

Compact AC charging module with fully integrated type B circuit breaker and switching elements that facilitate installation and significantly save space and costs for additional protection elements.


Charging technology

Absolute safety

The Commander charging module contains a type B current protector for the detection of direct residual current up to 6mA, thus ensuring the absolute safety of the electric car. The device also monitors voltage in real time, AC and DC current leaks and temperature.

European product

Commander is developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. It meets European standards IEC .. and according to the customer's needs is certified either IP20, IP54 or IP67.

Properties of the module Commander

  • Reliability


  • Performance


  • Resistance


Funtions of the module Commanderu

Offline authorization, OCPP protocol support, Web server, Power steering module enables 

  • Power Steering

    Power Steering

    Limitation of the charging station power according to the load of the electrical installation

  • Load Balancing

    Load Balancing

    Allows distribution of charging power among multiple charging ports

  • Connection with smart module

    Connection with smart module

    Offers the possibility of control by an external module (OCPP, web administration)

Support for the OCPP protocol when connected to a smart module enables

  • Reporting


  • Remote control

    Remote control

  • Authorization via mobile phone

    Authorization via mobile phone

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it paid once or every month?

Smart functions are part of the EVECUBE C charger and are already included in the price of the selected configuration.

2. Are the mentioned prices final?

The charging station, together with the smart functions, is paid once when ordering it. The only service that is paid monthly is the EVE CHARGE payment gateway.

Customer support

1. Under what circumstances can I make a complaint about a charging station with smart functions?

In the event of a fault or a non-functional device without mechanical damage, it is possible to send the charging station for a complaint procedure. The best course of action is best if you find a problem, contact our customer service and try to solve the problem remotely with technicians.

2. How quickly can I expect a response from customer support if something doesn't work?

EV EXPERT customer support is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. In more complicated cases, our technicians can help solve the problem outside of normal business hours. If the problem is urgent, we recommend calling our infoline +420 722 689 252.

Technical specification

1. What protocols does the smart station with smart functions use?

The charging station communicates with other stations and other objects using the OCPP protocol.


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